Monday, May 19, 2008

Discussion of KWUR as an Underground Station on KTUH 90.3 FM Honolulu

On Monday, May 19th 9:00pm CST, I'm going to give a brief outline of KWUR's experiences as an underground station in the St. Louis radio arena. The broadcast will be on KTUH 90.3 FM and the interviewer will be Charlie Applegate. So if you would like to listen, contribute, or even dispute what I say, please partake!

I will likely give a brief overview of our attempts to secure a wattage upgrade, and how repeated failures have actually driven us to stay ahead of the curve technologically. I will also comment on KWUR's role within the student body, including discussion of administration interference and SU opposition.

I do not know where the interviewer will take the conversation, so things could get interesting :)

Listen in at:

Word is bond.


At 7:06 AM, Blogger KWUR PSA/News Director said...

Any chance you have a recording of this?


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