Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gentleman Auction House - The Book of Matches

Fantastic indie pop! Reminds me of a St. Louis version of Bishop Allen. A ridiculously catchy EP released in anticipation of the full length, Alphabet Graveyard, this includes 2 songs from the album (I'm guessing it's "ABCDEFGraveyard" and "The Book of Matches", but I really don't know), a b-side, and 2 unreleased tracks. It's pretty much impossible to get "The Book of Matches" out of your head, which overshadows the greatness of "ABCDEFGraveyard" right before it, and the appropriately titled closer, "A Parting Shot", is beautiful and leaves a lasting impression.
Check Gentleman Auction House out now. It wont be much longer until everyone else has.

MP3: The Book of Matches



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