Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Album Reviews: Black Mountain, "In The Future"; The Raveonettes, "Lust Lust Lust"; The Mae Shi, "Hillyh"

Black Mountain - "In The Future"
This freak-folk hard rock album sounds like what you thought rock should sound like when you were a 13 year old boy - balls-out, sweet riffs, killer drums, "And they called it Stonehenge..." As such, there's a bit here that smacks of Lynyrd Skynyrd reactionary rock, but usually it's just weird enough so you can rock out without shame.

Play: 1++, 2, 3++++(KICK ASS), 5, 6++(Sabbath!), 8+, 9++(Neat)

The Raveonettes - "Lust Lust Lust"
The Raveonettes are still basically just the best Jesus And Mary Chain cover band out there, and it's frustrating to see them succeed without progressing one iota stylistically. Still, I'll be damned if they can't write a beautiful song with little more than amp fuzz and Sharin Foo's bell-like voice. If you let it, this album will break your heart.

Play: 3, 4, 6+, 7+, 9++, 10+++(sweet bass line, percussion), 12 and 13+++ (will rip your heart out of your fucking chest)

The Mae Shi - "Hillyh"
Energetic, chanty, melodic LA indie pop that combines the sing-a-long playfulness of Architecture In Helsinki with the quirkiness and inventiveness of The Fiery Furnaces. Like your friends are having a beer and pizza party in your ear - great fun!

Play: 1++(vocal melody!), 2++++(lyrics awesome!), 3+++(Rawk), 4++, 5, 7, 8+, 9++ (sing along, kids), 11, 14++(sweet)


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